StarSai Mahalakshmi Pooja by Lighting lamps for a peaceful Good Married life and harmony in family
Mahalakshmi Pooja

Goddess Mahalakshmi will reside in your house when you light lamps regularly :

"Om Lakshmi Ganapathaye Namah"

Chant "Om lakshmi Ganapathaye Namah " 108 times :

Lord Ganesha has powers to bless you with happy married life. We must shed off our ego, expectations and desires to lord ganesha and humbly worship him . Surely Ganesha will take care of your life . Join your palms and bow to Lord Ganesha to bless you and your family with peace, good health and prosperity . Lord Ganesha will surely bless you to do this simple Goddess Mahalakshmi Pooja every day.

Every day it takes only 10 to 20 minutes for " Mahalakshmi pooja" :

Devotees of Goddess Mahalskhmi Does a Mahalaxi pooja for 8 fridays called "Vaibhav Lakshmi Pooja" . I really wish to include a article about it seperately if any one is willing to contribute. What you read now is simple "StarSai Mahalakshmi Pooja " . I added the term star sai to this mahalakshmi pooja i created by sai grace because personally i felt "Star" represents the blessings of Lord Murugan ( Subramanya , Karthikeya - Brother of lord ganesha as few north indians might not know ) and Sai ofcourse is blessings of our Guru Shirdi Sai baba.)

Worship of Lord Kalyaana Subramaniyar ( Lord Murugan ) is a blessing for peaceful married life.So uniting the blessings of Lord Karthikeya , Shirdi Saibaba and Goddess Mahalakshmi , i felt this "StarSai Mahalakshmi Pooja" if done regularly will make you realize the caring nature of Goddess Mahalakshmi. She really takes care of her devotees.

Simple Steps to Follow :

1. Offer some Milk or Water :

Naivaidya is the offering we keep for God. Every day in a small vessel or glass , offer some milk , if not some water infront of Goddess Mahalakshmi photo or statue. If you dont have one, you can offer to shirdi saibaba or any gods photo in your house.If you have a tulsi plant in house, just drop a single or few tulsi leaf in the milk or water offering. It brings blessings of Lord Vishnu.

2. Light Two lamps :

Pray Goddess Mahalakshmi with pure devotion and light 2 lamps. The lamps can either face north or east direction.

You can buy lamps in bronze which are affordable or silver lamps or even use a simple earthern lamps as shown in the photo. If you live abroad and only if you really cant manage to get lamps , candles can be a alternative but trust me lamps are the greatest blessings.

Greatness of Lighting Ghee lamps : its always good to use ghee for lighting lamps , if not you can use oil like gingelly oil or other edible oil which can be used for lighting lamps. Use cottion wicks .

3. Chant any Mantra of Goddess Mahalakshmi or any simple mantra you know :

Try to learn small Mantra of Goddess Mahalakshmi like "Mahalakshmi Ashtakam"

If not try to chant 108 holy names of Mahalaxmi - ( click to read )

I wrote "try to " because i wish even girls and guys wh are not used to do pooja etc can understand that my intention is not to make you religious or have a reason that if you do this pooja surely you will have good married life. It all depends on your own past karma. My intention is to make as many girls and guys whos expecting a good married life to involve themselves in the path of devotion.

So even if you are aware of all the mantras above or any other sloka , recite them everyday after lighting lamps, if not try to learn them its easy. If you still feel you need a simple mantra to chant , simply continue to chant

Chant "Om lakshmi Ganapathaye Namah " 108 times

Let Lord Ganesha bring you all the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi to you and your family.

Have the milk or water as prasad :

After doing this simple pooja every day for 10-20 minutes, you can have the milk or water as prasad and give it to family members.

A spark of devotion :

Friends, women who are devoted might think i have not wrote a eloborate pooja. I understand. My intention is to only give a spark of devotion. When gurus blessings are there even as a spark of fire can make huge sins in to ashes , let this simple "starsai mahalakshmi pooja" inspire you to seek Gods blessings for a peaceful married life.

Did you learn the greatness of lighting lamps ( diya , vilaku ) :

My dream is to spread the message of lighting lamps tradionally in all houses . Even if you belong to other religion please cultivate the habit of lighting lamps. Then imagine how much i will stress Hindu families to light as many lamps as posible. The reason i have kept a lamp photography for this pooja is that if you don't have interest , mood or lets say time to do this poja atleast

"Light lamps regularly in house "

Take proper care while lighting lamps. If you want to go for work in morning time, in the evening or night what ever time you return you can do this pooja / light lamps with devotion.

If you live abroad - Safe devotion :

There might be some restrictions in smoke , fire usage etc in some countries. where ever you live, take following care for safe devotion. The reason i request you to pray Lord Ganesha when you start any pooja is that Ganesha will take care of your house anf family and wardoff any dangers or obstacles in your life.

1. You can use a metal plate or tray to keep the diya or candles.

2. Don't let children near lamps n warn them

3. Better remain in house while lamps are glowing , if you want to go out soon, then pour little ghee or oil. Even if the lamps glow for 10 minutes you have gained the blessings.

I will be happy if you start to light lamps :

I understand not all who read this will have easy access to lamps, diya etc. Try to purchase them. In india wicks can be got in bundles in shops outside temple. If you mail me saying you have learnt the value of lighting lamps from this little effort i did by grace of shirdi saibaba, i will be happy. If you wrote that you are lighting lamps lamps everyday its truely wonderful divine grace which has pulled you to marriage pooja temple.


Other Pooja to lead you in the path of devotion :


I have wrote a detailed much beautiful Goddess Mahalakshmi pooja

you can try the detailed mahalakshmi pooja

1. Lighting Nine lamps every day :

Ok firstly if you live abroad when ever you come to india, get few simple little diya in bronze ( they call pithalai in tamil ) as silver lamps are costly. I have few lamps like this which i use to permanently light lamps. If you live in india, great ! convince your family members for allowing you to light 9 lamps everyday. If they are interested , with properly care light lamps regularly when ever you get time.

Eight lamps for each form of Lakshmi - Ashta Lakshmi


Another one lamp for your Guru - Shirdi Sai baba

So lighting these nine lamps everyday will truely be a blessing for your family.

Ghee is expensive for some families, oil prices are increasing but trust me there are saints who lived and spent all their wealth for lighting lamps. So if you have interest you can light 9 lamps regularly in house or any temple you visit near by.

2.Light 27 lamps to 108 lamps :

When ever some one writes me that they have a problem in getting married or having some problems in married life, i request them to go to a near by temple and light 27 lamps . They can also light so many lamps in their house itself with proper care . Since there are 12 raasi and 27 stars , i request people facing worst pains to light 27 lamps atleast when ever they feel like. I wish to light many lamps lets say when some one dear to me is celebrating birthdays or someone is not feeling well etc.

Goddess of wealth Mahalakshmi is really Goddess who will bless you with love :

Many times in my lie, i have realized that this goddess Mahalakshmi shows so much love on her devotees . She will surely bless you with peaceful married life. Some might get upset with mahalakshmi as it might seem that shes not blessing you with wealth or lets say a good career, business etc. Trust me, you have to be contented with what she is blessing you with . She really gives you when you need it.

As far as i am concerned , Goddess Mahalakshmi instantly gives you love . So much love that you can really bow to her with tears in eyes.

Ok friends,

Please feel free to email me from the mail id present any where in our main website Shirdi Saibaba Temple of humanity

Om Sainathaya Namaha

C.Venkat Raman - 27 : 05 : 2009

Always in the holy feets of shirdi sai baba.

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